A Step-by-Step at the Buying Process

The Search Begins

Many people begin their search by getting a feel for the area and market conditions over the Internet. My connections to will be very helpful in this. Fairly early in your search, you will benefit from selecting me as your realtor. The Realtor knows the area better than most and I'm the first to know when a house becomes available. This is my full time job.

Making Sense of Marketing Conditions

Why do houses that look very much alike sell for different prices? Is there a better time to purchase? Should you wait before making an offer? A Realtor's knowledge of economic conditions, housing trends and mortgage rates can make all the difference.

Looking for the Right Property

You can find houses for sale on the Internet, in the paper, through open houses and by driving by. However, I will be your best source of properties for sale, incorporating all these sources and many more into a daily search on behalf of my Buyers. Tell me what you have found that you like and why you like it. Sharing information can lead to the most successful match of property to owner. Finding the perfect property can be the most difficult step in a hot market such as we have now in the Northeast. However, it is not the last stop in an important process.

Making the Offer

I am trained in negotiation. I also may have information about the Sellers that will help the Buyers. For example, have offers been rejected already? How long has the property been available? What price did it start at? Many deals fall part over a relatively small amount of money because Buyers and Sellers let angry feelings get in the way. Having a Realtor smooth the negotiations can lead to a pleasant and successful closing.

Paperwork, Paperwork

Most real estate transactions involve a great deal of paperwork. Important laws such as Title V (Septic) and Title X (Lead Paint) must be carefully adhered to. The mortgage application deadline must be met, and the purchase and sale must be signed on time or you could lose your deposit. All of this is second nature to me, and I will make sure all goes smoothly.

Money Matters

Almost all real estate purchases involve a mortgage transaction. Many Buyers are devastated when an offer on the beautiful home is accepted and then their mortgage gets fouled up and the sale is muddied or lost. Choosing a Mortgage Company is a critical step. The Realtor will recommend that you start this process at the same time you begin your property search.

Choose a Professional

As your realtor, I can assist you with a list of professionals in my area that have a proven reputation. You may need some of the following:

  • Home Inspector
  • Insurance Provider
  • Mortgage Company
  • Post Inspector
  • Septic Inspector
  • Appraiser
  • Attorney
  • Contractor
  • Cleaner


The day before the passing of papers, you will be encouraged to walk through the property to make sure it is in the same condition as when your offer was presented. I can address any issues which arise from the walkthrough.

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